Phase Equilibrium of the Propylene Glycol–Propane/Butane Binary System


The phase equilibrium of the propylene glycol–propane/butane system and the solubility of propylene glycol in a supercritical propane-butane mixture at temperatures of 403, 423, and 443 K are studied using a high-pressure optical cell. The results are described using the Peng–Robinson equation of state and the Mukhopadhyay and Rao mixing law.

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This study was supported by Russian Science Foundation (project no. 19-73-10029).

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  • Keywords: propylene glycol
  • supercritical propane/butane mixture
  • phase equilibrium
  • solubility
  • Peng–Robinson equation of state
  • Mukhopadhyay and Rao mixing law