The role of innate immunity in induction of tolerance

  • M. S. Dolgikh


The review considers the role of innate immunity in mechanisms of transplant tolerance and rejection. Special attention is paid to analysis of the role of innate immunity cells (dendritic cells, NK, mast and other cells) in these processes, and also approaches to creation of tolerogenic dendritic cells for therapy of transplant rejection as well as tolerance development.


tolerance transplantology innate immunity adaptive immunity innate immunity cells 

Abbreviations used


antigen presenting cell




binding immunoglobulin protein


DNA sites enriched with C and G


danger-associated molecular patterns


dendritic cells


immature DC


high-mobility group box 1 (a protein of high electrophoretic activity also known as amphoterin. Binding of a nuclear non-histone protein to the TLR4 receptor of innate immunity results in secretion of cytokines by activated macrophages and monocytes followed by subsequent inflammatory reaction)


human leukocyte antigens

HSP (HSP 10, HSP 27)

heat shock proteins




chemokine recruiting neutrophils and basophils






mast cell protease-6


muramyl dipeptide


major histocompatibility complex


macrophage inflammatory protein


myeloid differentiation factor 88


natural killers


NOD-like receptors (NOD-nucleotide-oligomerizing domain) intracellular sensors of cell stress


pathogen-associated molecular patterns

P1, P2X, P2Y

purinergic receptors


polymorphonuclear neutrophil


patterns recognizing receptors


recombinase activating gene


receptor of advanced glycation end product


resolution-associated molecular patterns


RIG-like helicases (RIG-retinoic acid inducible gene)


transforming growth factor


toll-like receptors


tumor necrosis factors


regulatory T-cells

Th1 and Th2

T-helpers of type 1 and type 2 polarization (balance of T-helper differentiation determines the immune response)


soluble TNF-receptor


TIR(Toll-IL-IR)-containing adapter-inducing interferon-β


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