The induction of Guerin’s carcinoma cytochrome P450 hydroxylase activity by retinoids



Using Guerin’s carcinoma as a model the interrelationship between the tumor growth process and supplementation of the body with vitamin A has been studied. The replenishment of vitamin A resources of vitamin-deficient tumor bearing animals modulated the Guerin’s carcinoma growth rate in a dose dependent manner (r = 0.83). The morphological parameters of tumor growth under conditions of supplementation with vitamin A (0–3000 IU) positively correlated with hydroxylase (r = 0.81) and demethylase (r = 0.49) activities of the Guerin’s carcinoma cytochrome P450 system. The increase in the tumor growth rate together with the induction of hydroxylase and demethylase activities of cytochrome P450 in the Guerin’s carcinoma microsomal fraction, observed either under conditions of retinyl acetate overdose supplementation, or selective liposomal form of all-trans-retinoic acid, suggests the stimulatory effect of retinoids on tumor growth.


retinoids cytochrome P450 Guerin’s carcinoma 


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