Cell and Tissue Biology

, Volume 6, Issue 5–6, pp 423–434 | Cite as

Localization of actin and mRNA export factors in the nucleus of murine preovulatory oocytes

  • G. N. Pochukalina
  • V. N. Parfenov


Nuclear actin is part of the chromatin remodeling complex engaged in transcription. It binds with nascent mRNP and facilitates their export from the nucleus. It is believed that many factors involved in mRNA editing and mRNP export are localized in IGCs. Using confocal laser scanning microscopy and the immunogold labeling technique, we identified actin and A1 hnRNP protein in the nuclei of oocytes from mouse preovulatory follicles. We have shown that nuclear actin is detected in association with chromatin and IGCs. Components of mRNP export complex, including proteins A1 and NXF1/TAP, are localized in IGCs together with actin. In accordance with the notion that IGCs participate in RNA retention in the nucleus, we discuss whether mRNP transcription-export complex including actin, A1 hnRNP protein, and NXF1/TAP, along with mRNA and transcription factors, is formed in IGCs.


oocyte mouse nucleus interchromatin granule clusters actin mRNA export A1 A/B hnRNP NXF1/TAP confocal microscopy electron microscopy 



heterogenous nuclear ribonucleoprotein


interchromatin granule cluster


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