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Comparative localization of chicken five functional genes and three microsatellites on quail mitotic chromosomes by two-color FISH hybridization

  • A. V. Trukhina
  • A. F. Smirnov


To localize chicken genes and microsatellites, we used heterologous two-color FISH and chicken chromosome specific BAC clones. All BAC clones were verified by PCR. An analysis of the results has shown that maf gene forms one linkage group with the mc1r gene (CJA11), aldh1a1 forms one linkage group with the igvps gene (CJA15), pno forms one linkage group with the acaca gene (CJA19), fzf forms one linkage group with the bmp7 gene (CJA20), and cw01 forms one linkage group with the ubap2w gene (CJAW). Microsatellite ADL0254 was localized jointly with the insr gene (CJA28), and LEI0342 and MCW0330 microsatellites were localized jointly with the hspa5 gene (CJA17). If we consider that the nomenclature of quail chromosomes is the same as in chickens, their localization will correspond to the following chromosomes: CJA11 (maf), 15 (aldh1a1), 19 (pno), 20 (fzf), and W (cw01). The microsatellite ADL0254 turned out to be located on the same microchromosome as the insr gene (CJA 28), while microsatellites LEI0342 and MCW0330 were found to be in the same linkage group with the hspa5 gene (CJA17). The same work was also carried out on the chicken genome. Different results were obtained. The localization of the BAC clones containing the cw01 and fzf genes and the MCW0330 microsatellite was confirmed completely; they are located on GGAW, 20, and 17 chromosomes, respectively. Microsatellites ADL0254 and LEI0342 were each revealed to have two sites, whereas the localization of the remaining genes (maf, aldh1a1, and pno) on the GGA11, GGA15, and GGA19 chromosomes turned out to be untrue and needs further study.

Key words

gene linkage group microsatellite bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) Coturnix c. japonica FISH Gallus g. domesticus 

Abbreviation used


gene of acetyl-coenzyme A carboxylase α


gene of cytosol alcohol dehydrogenase A1


gene of bone morphogenic protein 7


the quail chromosome


sequence of site of nonrepeated DNA of the chicken chromosome W


gene of Wilms’ tumor


chicken chromosome


human chromosome


gene of 70 kDa heat-shock protein


gene of immunoglobulin, pseudo-V26 and V6


gene of insulin receptor


protooncogen of the chicken c-maf


gene of melanocortin-1 receptor


mouse chromosome


gene of opsin


ubiquitin-associated protein 2 isoform 1


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Genetics and SelectionSt. Petersburg State UniversitySt. PetersburgRussia

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