Regular and Chaotic Dynamics

, Volume 23, Issue 2, pp 193–211 | Cite as

Suslov Problem with the Clebsch–Tisserand Potential

  • Shengda Hu
  • Manuele Santoprete


In this paper, we study a nonholonomic mechanical system, namely, the Suslov problem with the Clebsch–Tisserand potential. We analyze the topology of the level sets defined by the integrals in two ways: using an explicit construction and as a consequence of the Poincaré–Hopf theorem. We describe the flow on such manifolds.


Suslov Problem topology of level sets nonholonomic systems rigid body Chaplygin systems 


70F25 70G40 37J60 37J35 


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsWilfrid Laurier University 75 University Avenue WestWaterlooCanada

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