Influence of the Nature of Chemical Modification of Addition Poly(5-vinyl-2-norbornene) on the Gas Permeability of Hydrocarbons


The gas permeability of hydrocarbons (CH4, C2H6, n-C4H10) through four polynorbornenes obtained by modification of the addition poly(5-vinyl-2-norbornene) is studied. Upon modification, both polar (oxirane and thioacetyl fragments) and nonpolar substituents (cyclopropyl and ethyl groups) are introduced into side substituents. The introduction of polar groups leads to a decrease in gas permeability, while the hydrogenation or cyclopropanation of addition poly(5-vinyl-2-norbornene) causes an increase in gas permeability. Despite the fact that the synthesized polymers are glassy and nonmicroporous materials, they have an unusual feature for such polymers—the selectivity of hydrocarbon separation controlled by solubility (α(n‑C4H10/CH4) ≫ 1). Among the studied polymers, the optimal combination of gas permeability and selectivity is observed for the cyclopropanated polymer.

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This study was supported by the Russian Science Foundation (project no. 17-19-01595). The study of the properties of silicon-containing polynorbornenes was carried out as a part of the State Task for the Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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