Effect of Alkylation of Tetrazole Rings on the Properties of Carbochain and Heterochain Tetrazole-Containing Polymers


Some properties of the product of tetrazolylethyl cellulose ether alkylation are studied. A comparative analysis of a change in the properties of heterochain (tetrazolated cellulose) and carbochain [poly(5-vinyltetrazole)] polymers when ionic N–H unsubstituted tetrazole rings are replaced with N-methyl-substituted ones in their macromolecular structure is performed. It is shown that the structure of the side heterocyclic substituent rather than the nature of the backbone exerts the decisive effect on the behavior of the polymers.

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This work was supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation (State Assignment no. 4.5183.2017/BCh).

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