Polymer Science Series B

, Volume 57, Issue 4, pp 360–369 | Cite as

Micelles of amphiphilic copolymers as a medium for peroxyoxalate chemiluminescent reaction in water environment

Functional Polymers


The peroxyoxalate chemiluminescent reaction of bis(4-nitrophenyl) oxalate or bis(pentachlorophenyl) oxalate with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of hematoporhyrin IX water-insoluble derivative in micelles or associates of Pluronics F68, L64, L61 and the alternating copolymer dimethyl siloxane-ethylene oxide is investigated. Pluronic L61, which forms large clusters in solution, has the greatest impact on the reaction quantum yield. The micelles influence on the efficiency of the reaction with bis(pentachlorophenyl) oxalate is stronger in comparison to that with bis(4-nitrophenyl) oxalate. The chemiluminescence quantum yield increases with the concentrations of fluorophore and hydrogen peroxide. If the polymer content is being varied, quantum yield passes through the maximum, which corresponds to the largest amount of particles containing both oxalate and porphyrin.


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