Synthesis and Properties of Heat Resistant Coatings Based on a Si–B4C–ZrB2–ZrO2 Composition


This article discusses the influence of nanosized particles of zirconium dioxide on the properties of a heat-resistant coating synthesized by the suspension annealing of a silicon–boron carbide–zirconium diboride composition. The heat resistance of coatings on graphite and high silica ceramic substrates is studied, and the phase composition, morphology, hardness, and electric resistance of the coatings are determined.

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We thank I.G. Polyakova for carrying out the XRD and DTA.

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Nikolaev, A.N., Ban’kovskaya, I.B. & Kolovertnov, D.V. Synthesis and Properties of Heat Resistant Coatings Based on a Si–B4C–ZrB2–ZrO2 Composition. Glass Phys Chem 46, 614–619 (2020).

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  • silicon
  • boron carbide
  • zirconium boride
  • zirconium dioxide
  • heat-resistant coating
  • vitreous melt
  • heat resistance