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Effects of ZnO–B2O3 addition on sintering behaviors and microwave dielectric properties of Ba4Sm9.33Ti18O54 ceramics



Effects of ZnO–B2O3 (ZB) addition on the densification, phase evolution and microwaves dielectric properties of Ba4Sm9.33Ti18O54 (BST) ceramics for low-temperature fired applications have been investigated. The sintering temperature of BST ceramics can be effectively lowered to about 1000°C with introduction of ZB. Tungsten bronze like single phase is observed in the BST ceramics with 0.5 and 1.0% ZB. However, Sm2Ti2O7 secondary phase appears when ZB addition reaches 2%, and Sm2Ti2O7 phase gradually increases with the increase ZB addition. Microwave dielectric properties of the present ceramics are strongly dependent on phase constitution and density. Optimal microwave dielectric properties of ε = 63.4, Qf = 2830 GHz, τ f =–8.8 ppm/°C is obtained for BST ceramics with 1% ZB addition.


low temperature sintering Ba4Sm9.33Ti18O54 microwave dielectric properties ZnO–B2O3 


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