Geology of Ore Deposits

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Composition and evolution of accessory mineralization of Li–F granites in the Far East as indicators of their ore potential



The ore potential of Pacific Li–F granites is considered on the basis of original and published data on composition of these granites and related metasomatic rocks in the Badzhal (Amur region) and Kuiviveem–Pyrkakai (Chukchi Peninsula) ore districts. The accessory mineralization in rare-metal granites is compared with that in W–Sn deposits. The main features in evolution of magmatic and hydrothermal mineralization are pointed out. A conclusion on the similarity between mineralization of the zwitter–tourmalinite type and accessory minerals in Li–F granites is drawn. It is established that magmatic and hydrothermal types of mineralization belong to the same evolutionary sequence. Genetic links between Li–F granites and the large ore deposits in the East Asian tungsten–tin zone are suggested.


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