Studies on Russian Economic Development

, Volume 21, Issue 6, pp 638–643 | Cite as

Problems of the sociodemographic development of Siberia

  • Ya. A. Leshchenko
Regional Problems


In this paper we analyze the present state, dynamics, and prospects of the sociodemographic development of the Siberian region of Russia. The higher rates of a decrease in the population in this region at the beginning of the XX and the end of the XXI centuries are recognized as compared with the whole country. The insufficient demographic potential of Siberia for the creation of a developed economical pattern and demographic safety is described. The inefficient and lame federal socio-economic and demographic politics conducted in Siberia are shown. Crisis control options are considered. We justify an agenda providing for the development of special investment facilities in Siberia, a balanced migration policy, and the development of mutually beneficial cooperation with neighboring states.


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