Studies on Russian Economic Development

, Volume 20, Issue 3, pp 321–325 | Cite as

Methods for accumulating scientific knowledge for innovation development of the Russian economy (Russian Foundation for Basic Research Experience)

  • Ye. R. Rudtskaya
  • Ye. Yu. Khrustalev
  • S. A. Tsyganov
Science and Tecnology


The authors developed approaches to selecting scientific results that show the greatest promise for commercialization. In this article, criteria are defined for assessing the innovation potential of an organization, the analysis of researchers’ and specialists’ work is presented for projects aimed at obtaining an innovative product of fundamental research, and suggestions are made about the possible versions of information bases containing technical documentation of science-intensive products.


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  • Ye. R. Rudtskaya
  • Ye. Yu. Khrustalev
  • S. A. Tsyganov

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