Synthesis of 4,4′-Oxydibenzoic Acid Amides and Sulfonamides Containing 2-Arylaminopyrimidine Moieties


New 4,4′-oxydibenzamides and sulfamoyl derivatives of 4,4′-oxydibenzoic acid containing pharmacophoric 2-arylaminopyrimidine fragments in the amide moiety have been synthesized. Acylation of amines of the pyrimidine series with 2-chlorosulfonyl-substituted 4,4′-oxydibenzoic acid gave the corresponding sulfonamides. Arylaminopyrimidine derivatives of 4,4′-oxydibenzamide were obtained in 75–87% yield by acylation of 3-{[4-(pyridin-3-yl)pyrimidin-2-yl]amino}anilines with 4,4′-oxydibenzoyl chloride. The reactivity of 4,4′-oxydibenzoyl chloride toward amines is discussed.

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Ignatovich, Z.V., Ermolinskaya, A.L., Petushok, V.G. et al. Synthesis of 4,4′-Oxydibenzoic Acid Amides and Sulfonamides Containing 2-Arylaminopyrimidine Moieties. Russ J Org Chem 56, 2092–2097 (2020).

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  • carboxamides
  • sulfonamides
  • 2-arylaminopyrimidine
  • oxydibenzoic acid