The Effect of Hexene-1 in Feedstock on the Yield of Target Products during Thermal Pyrolysis of n-Hexane


The effect of the α-olefin addition in the pyrolysis feedstock on the yield of ethylene, propylene, and divinyl (butadiene-1,3) was studied using the n-hexane–hexene-1 model system under conditions of a laboratory flow-type thermal pyrolysis setup. It was found that the total yield of unsaturated hydrocarbons C2=–C4= depends on the ratio of n-hexane : hexene-1 in the initial mixture and is characterized by a maximum value at a 0.36 molar fraction of hexene-1 in feedstock. The main directions of reactions in the presence of an α-olefin are discussed.

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  • thermal pyrolysis
  • ethylene
  • propylene
  • divinyl
  • lower olefins
  • n-hexane
  • hexene-1