Core–Shell Composites Based on Partially Oxidized Blend of Detonation Synthesis Nanodiamonds


The results of a study on the production of graphite–diamond nanocompositions by partial oxidation of a detonation synthesis blend in aqueous solutions of nitric acid under pressure in the temperature range 120–230°C are presented. A part of the graphite shell was subjected to selective oxidation. According to the results of kinetic studies in a 400 mL autoclave, an oxidation process scheme is proposed, which is based on a radical chain reaction involving nitrogen dioxide and carbon of graphite/graphene shell on the surface of the particles. The synthesis conditions for the main types of graphite–diamond nanocomposites of various oxidation states are determined. On a pilot installation in a swinging titanium autoclave of a 12 L capacity, experimental batches of the product were accumulated, which made it possible to assess the possibility of scaling the developed laboratory process.

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This work was partially supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research as part of scientific project no. 18-29-19112.

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Correspondence to V. Yu. Dolmatov.

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A.A. Malygin declares that he is deputy chief editor of the Journal of Applied Chemistry, the remaining authors have no conflict of interest that requires disclosure in this article.

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  • detonation nanodiamond blend
  • detonation nanodiamonds
  • graphite–diamond nanocomposites
  • chemical cleaning
  • oxidation kinetics