Biosorption of Metal Ions by Spirulina plantensis Microalga


The sorption of lead, nickel, zinc, chromium(III), and chromium(VI) ions by Spirulina platensis microalga was studied. The effects of pH, metal concentration, and sorption time were assessed. The metal concentrations were measured by atomic absorption spectrometry. The kinetics of biosorption were described in terms of the pseudo-first, pseudo-second, Elovich, and Weber–Morris models. The Langmiur, Freudlich, and Temkin isotherms were used to fit the experimental data. The results showed that the biomass of Spirulina platensis microalga can be efficiently used to treat industrial effluents.

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The work was financially supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project no.18-29-25023 mk).

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Correspondence to I. Zinicovscaia.

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  • Spirulina platensis, metals
  • biosorption
  • kinetics
  • sorption isotherms