Study of the Component Structure of the Metabolites of Bacteria Nocardiopsis umidischolae in the Search for Eco-Friendly Plant Protection Agents


The component structure of the suspension and extracts (water-alcohol, methanol, and hexane) of isolates of Nocardiopsis umidischolae nos. 2 and 18 strains having high rates of aphicidal and acaricidal activities and lacking phytotoxicity was studied using the methods of qualitative tests and thin layer chromatography (TLC). The composition of the water-alcohol extracts from the actinomycete strains was analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The HPLC analysis of the metabolites of N. umidischolae no. 2 bacteria revealed the presence of isocitric, acetic, fumaric, malic, lactic, and citric acids. The metabolites of N. umidischolae no. 18 culture contained isocitric, acetic, fumaric, and lactic acids.

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  • actinomycetes
  • metabolites
  • isolates
  • suspension
  • extract
  • eluent
  • thin layer chromatography
  • high performance liquid chromatography
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