Synthesis of 4-Acyl-5-aryl-3-hydroxy-1-(3-picolyl)-3-pyrroline-2-ones


Reaction of methyl esters of acylpyruvic acids with a mixture of aromatic aldehyde and 3-picolylamine gave 5-aryl-4-acyl-3-hydroxy-1-(3-picolyl)-3-pyrroline-2-ones, the structure of which was confirmed on the basis of 1H NMR, 13C NMR, IR spectroscopy.

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Gein, V.L., Nosova, N.V., Cherepanov, A.A. et al. Synthesis of 4-Acyl-5-aryl-3-hydroxy-1-(3-picolyl)-3-pyrroline-2-ones. Russ J Gen Chem 90, 579–582 (2020).

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  • methyl esters of acylpyruvic acids
  • aromatic aldehydes
  • 3-picolylamine
  • 5-aryl-4-acyl-3-hydroxy-1-(3-picolyl)-3-pyrroline-2-ones