Iron(III) Complexes Based on N-Benzylidene-2-Hydroxy-3,5-Di-tert-Butylaniline


Five-coordinate iron(III) complexes, (ImPh)2FeX (X = Cl (I), Br (II), I (III), N3 (IV)) containing two bidentate Schiff bases (N-benzylidene-2-hydroxy-3,5-di-tert-butylaniline (ImPh)H) and a halogen atom/azide group in the coordination sphere were synthesized and characterized in detail. According to the magnetic susceptibility measurements for polycrystalline samples of IIV and Mössbauer spectroscopy data in the 2–300 K range, the complexes contain a high-spin metal ion (HS Fe3+, d5, SFe = 5/2). Compounds IIV are stable in the crystalline state in the absence of oxygen or air moisture; however, in solution, they undergo symmetrization, resulting in the formation of the tris-ligand complex (ImPh)3Fe (V), which was also synthesized by the reaction (ImPh)H and FeCl3 (3 : 1). Unlike five-coordinate complexes IIV, six-coordinate complex V contains low-spin iron(III) ion (LS Fe3+, d5, SFe = 1/2). The molecular structure of I was determined by X-ray diffraction (CIF file CCDC no. 1996527).

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The studies were carried out using research equipment of the Center for Collective Use “Analytical Center of the Razuvaev Institute of Organometallic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences” at the Razuvaev Institute of Organometallic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences and supported by the Federal Research Program “Research and Development in the Priority Areas of the Science and Technology Sector of Russia for 2014–2020” (unique identifier of the project: RFMEFI62120X0040).


The study was supported by the Russian Science Foundation (project no. 18-73-00268).

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  • iron(III)
  • Schiff bases
  • spin state
  • magnetic properties
  • X-ray diffraction
  • Mössbauer spectroscopy