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On Solving the Forward Problem of Gravimetry in Curvilinear and Cartesian Coordinates: Krasovskii’s Ellipsoid and Plane Modeling

Izvestiya, Physics of the Solid Earth Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Correcting the effects of the sphericity of the Earth in the results of the interpretation of gravimetric data is a topical issue in modern gravimetry. Estimating the error of the gravity field calculations due to the replacement of the spherical Earth model by the plane model is an important part of this problem. In this paper, a method is proposed for transforming the plane density models into spherical ones and vice versa. Algorithms for calculating the vertical component of gravity field for both model types are presented. For two extensive plane models of the Earth’s density, their transformation into spherical models is carried out and the resulting gravity fields are compared. The relative root mean square residuals between the fields calculated with this replacement are at most 5%.

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