Long-Term Stability of a 640 × 512 InSb Focal Plane Array with a Pitch of 15 μm

  • P. V. Vlasov
Articles from the Russian Journal Prikladnaya Fizika


The long-term stability of a 640x512 InSb focal plane array (FPA) with a pitch of 15 μm combined with a Stirling cooler and an interface block has been investigated.The dependences of the FPA correctability index on the operation time after a two-point correction of the irregularity have been obtained. The FPAs with two different circuits of the readout LSI cells that differ in the integration capacitance and transmission coefficients are considered. It has been found that, for the InSb FPA, the long-term stability is as high as several hours, which ensures continuous operation of the array in thermal imaging systems without additional calibrations.


focal plane array (FPA) indium antimonide (InSb) photodiode array long-term stability correctability 


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  1. 1.Orion Research and Production AssociationMoscowRussia

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