Studying the Sensitivity of Graphene for Biosensor Applications


We have studied the response of graphene-film-based chips on SiC substrates (the relative change in the chip resistance) to coming into contact with fluorescein (C20H12O5) in a wide range of its concentrations in a phosphate-buffered saline solution: from 1 × 10–3 to 1 × 104 ng/mL (seven orders of magnitude). Fluorescein detection seems to be a simple and cheap model experiment to study the sensory ability of graphene in the way of biochips manufacturing. It has been shown that chips with wide terraces on a surface with a step width of about 1000 nm and heights of up to 5 nm made it possible to construct the calibration dependences of chip response on fluorescein concentration.

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The authors are grateful to P.A. Dement’ev for AFM measurements.

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  • graphene
  • silicon carbide
  • biosensor
  • fluorescein.