Growth of Thin Graphite Films on a Dielectric Substrate using Heteroepitaxial Synthesis


A technique for growing thin graphite films on a dielectric substrate by annealing the Al2O3(0001)/Ni(111)/ta-C structure has been optimized. This technique is based on catalytic decomposition of hydrocarbons on the surface of a single-crystal catalyst metal film on a dielectric substrate and subsequent diffusion and crystallization of carbon between the metal film and the substrate. A thin graphite film with a low density of crystal-structure defects is obtained on the dielectric substrate after chemical etching of the metal film.

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This study was performed within the framework of a state contract and supported in part by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, projects nos. 18-38-00884 and 19-07-00432.

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Correspondence to I. A. Sorokin.

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  • graphene
  • heteroepitaxy
  • catalyst metal
  • synthesis
  • nickel
  • dielectric substrate.