Acoustic Oscillations of Aluminum Membranes Laser-Excited by a Thermoelastic Mechanism


A theoretical model of photoacoustic response signal formation from laser-irradiated metal membranes is proposed with allowance for the excitation of defect states. Theoretical results obtained for 197-μm-thick aluminum membranes in a frequency range from 20 Hz to 7 kHz are compared to experimental data for membranes excited by laser radiation at a 660-nm wavelength. The proposed theoretical model provides quite adequate coincidence with experiment for membrane oscillations under the assumption of a purely surface character of laser radiation absorption.

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Glazov, A.L., Muratikov, K.L. Acoustic Oscillations of Aluminum Membranes Laser-Excited by a Thermoelastic Mechanism. Tech. Phys. Lett. 46, 477–479 (2020).

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  • photoacoustics
  • membranes
  • thermoelastic oscillations
  • metals.