Effect of the Initial Temperature on the Penetration of Tungsten-Based Porous Alloy Strikers with a Hardening Filler into a Steel Obstacle


We propose a series of experiments aimed at analysis of peculiarities and revealing general regularities in the penetrability of strikers made of a composite material based on tungsten + nickel + iron + cobalt alloy with an admixture of highly rigid refractory titanium–tungsten carbide particles in various initial conditions. In particular, we have analyzed the effect of the initial temperature of the striker in the interval from –50 to 50°C on the penetration into a steel obstacle experimentally and by calculations. It is found that the initial temperature of the striker does not noticeably affect the penetration depth in the obstacle at impact velocities up to 2500 m/s. The penetrability is found to be 20% higher than that for a monolithic massive analog made of VNZh-90 alloy.

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We have used the results obtained during fulfillment of project no. of the Program for Improving Competitiveness of the National Tomsk State University.

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