Specifics of Determination of Orientation Magnetic Phase Transition Characteristics in Hematite Using Magnetoacoustic Methods


The measurement results of the velocity of magnetoelastic waves in hematite corresponding to their quasi-phonon branch have been presented. The dependences of this velocity (V) on the magnetic field (H) at constant uniaxial pressure P, (VP(H)), and on pressure P at constant H, (VH(P)), have been studied. In accordance with the existing theory of magnetoacoustic phenomena, dependences VP(H) and VH(P) should exhibit minima at the orientation phase transition points. These minima were found, but their coordinates on the plane (P, H) did not coincide. The reasons of non-coincidence and requirements to the measurement accuracy are discussed, which yield possibilities of its use to determine characteristics of these transitions.

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This work was performed within the framework of the state task of the Zavoisky Physical–Technical Institute, Kazan Scientific Center, Russian Academy of Sciences and theme no. 01201463332 of the Mikheev Institute of Metal Physics, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences.

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  • antiferromagnet
  • magnetoelasticity
  • orientation phase transitions
  • bulk acoustic wave