Radial Domains in DyPr–FeCo–B Microwires


In DyPr–FeCo–B microwires with easy magnetization axis directed along the microwire axis, domains with radial magnetization are detected using magneto-optical indicator films. The width of radial domains decreases as the field increases to 30 mT and increases with the microwire diameter in the range of 60–105 μm. In wires of smaller diameter, the critical field of radial domain formation is lower. The effect of the periodic relief produced by scribing on the magnetization distribution perpendicular to the microwire is detected.

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O.V. Koplak acknowledges the support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project “Stability” no. 20-32-70025); E.V. Dvoretskaya acknowledges the support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project no. 20-33-90256); R.B. Morgunov acknowledges the support of the President of the Russian Federation, Federal Program of Support for Leading Scientific Schools (project no. 2644.2020.2). This study was performed within the program AAAA-A19-119092390079-8 of the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences.

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  • domain structure
  • stray fields
  • microwires
  • rare-earth magnets
  • magnetic domains
  • ferrimagnets