Giant Magnetoresistance in a Metal–Organic Semiconductor–Metal Structure


The article presents the results of investigation of the giant magnetoresistance effect in a magnetic metal–organic semiconductor–non-magnetic metal structure with a magnetoresistive coefficient of ~2600%. The influence of a magnetic field on the concentration and mobility of charge carriers and the ferromagnetic–polymer potential barrier is studied. The possibility of theoretical interpretation of the investigated phenomenon based on a recently proposed model, which takes into account the effect of a hyperfine field on spin-dependent carrier hopping along the polymer chain, is considered.

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The work was carried out under support of the project “Mirror Laboratories” and a grant of the Federal Targeted Program no. 2019-05-595-0001-058.

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Correspondence to A. N. Lachinov.

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  • polymer conduction
  • magnetoresistance
  • metal–organic semiconductor–metal structure
  • ferromagnetic–polymer barrier
  • poly(diphenylene phthalide)