An Investigation on the Effects of Some Theoretical Models in the Cross-Section Calculations of \({}^{50,52,53,54}\)Cr(\({\alpha,x}\)) Reactions


The probability of a nuclear reaction occurrence is defined as cross-section which can be obtained with the experimental studies or theoretical calculations. Theoretical calculations, in which various parameters and models are involved, are most commonly preferred way in the absence of experimental data or the existence of difficulties to perform an experiment. The cross-section calculation results are effected from the input parameters, which are directly related to the selected models. Thus, utilization of the most consistent model for an investigated reaction has an undeniable importance on the cross-section calculations. By considering this, the effects of level density models and alpha optical model potentials on the cross-section calculations of \({}^{50,52,53,54}\)Cr(\(\alpha,x\)) reactions are investigated in this study. For calculations, TALYS code is used. Obtained calculation results of each investigated reaction are compared with the available experimental data, which are taken from the Experimental Nuclear Reaction Data (EXFOR) library.

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