Anisotropic Magnetoabsorption of Light in Cobalt Ferrite and Its Correlation with Magnetostriction


The absorption spectra of a CoFe2O4 ferrite spinal single crystal, which has a giant magnetostriction, demonstrate an absorption edge at 1.18 eV and a fine structure of impurity absorption bands in the IR region. In the Voight geometry, the crystal is shown to exhibit magnetoabsorption, which is related to the field-induced changes in the fundamental absorption edge and impurity absorption bands. The magnetoabsorption (magnetotransmission and magnetoreflection of light) is anisotropic and depends on the magnetic field direction with respect to the crystallographic axes of the crystal. The light magnetoabsorption is found to be related to the magnetostriction of the crystal. The magnetostriction of CoFe2O4 is shown to significantly contribute to its magnetic anisotropy constant, which is accompanied by changes in the electronic spectrum and optical properties when a magnetic field is applied. The high magnetoabsorption in CoFe2O4 in a relatively low magnetic field makes it possible to use this magnetic material for the development of a new trend in spintronics, namely, strain-magnetooptics.

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This work was performed in terms of a state assignment of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation (project Spin no. AAAA-A18-118020290104-2).

The magnetic measurements were carried out in the Center for Collective Use of the Institute of Metal Physics.

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