Electron Spectrum and Interband Magneto-Absorption of Light by Two-Dimensional Systems with Antidots


The degeneracy of Landau levels in perforated two-dimensional electronic structures is lifted in a perpendicular magnetic field. The cylindrical symmetry of the problem with a circular antidot holds and the magnetic quantum number m = 0, ±1, ±2, … is a good quantum number. The splitting of Landau levels for the antidot smaller than the magnetic length, as well as the frequencies and intensities of interband transition lines for normal semiconductors and transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers, has been analytically found.

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    In [7, 8], this result is obtained more easily because the authors used states with the conserving component of the electron momentum (Cartesian coordinates, Landau gauge). In our problem with the circular antidot, it is necessary to use the cylindrical coordinate system and states with a certain orbital momentum projection on the direction of the magnetic field.


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This work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation (project no. 17-12-01039).

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