Features of the Angular Dependence of Raman Scattering in Silicon Nanocrystals


The angular dependence of Raman scattering intensity in silicon nanocrystals has been measured. Silicon nanocrystals have been fabricated by annealing of a silicon layer amorphosized by ion implantation and can therefore be formed only in one ordered direction of the initial single crystal. It is found that the angular dependence of polarized components of Raman scattering intensity in nanocrystals differed from the known dependence for single crystals. The parameter characterizing this difference has been introduced and measured, and the relation between this parameter and the size of nanocrystals has been determined. Raman spectra have been analyzed for silicon and silicon nanocrystals in a configuration forbidden by selection rules. It is shown that in this configuration, the parameters of a spectral line are determined to a considerable extent by nonideality of the crystal lattice.

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