Domain Wall Precession in a Narrow Magnetic Nanowire


The dynamics of a transverse domain wall in a narrow magnetic permalloy nanowire in an external field is studied by the method of micromagnetic simulation. It was found that in the limit of a very small nanowire width (less than 40 nm), a precession of the domain wall is observed, accompanied by a change in its chirality. It is shown that the precession frequency increases with an increase in the external field and with an increase in the damping constant and decreases with an increase in the nanowire width. This effect imposes restrictions on the possibility of reducing the width of the nanowire used to create racetrack memory.

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This work was supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation on theme no. 0066-2019-0003 (“Fundamental and applied research in the field of creating promising instrument nanostructures for storing information on new physical principles 2019”).

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