Experimental Study of the Influence of the Porosity of Thin-Film Silicon-Based Anodes on Their Charge-Discharge Characteristics


The effect of porosity on the charge-discharge characteristics of thin films based on an Si–O–Al nanocomposite with two types of structure, homogeneous and columnar, is studied. An additional increase in the porosity of thin Si–O–Al films is achieved by removing the \({\text{Si}}{{{\text{O}}}_{x}}\) phase, where \(1 < x \leqslant 2,\) when etching in a solution of hydrofluoric acid. The charge-discharge characteristics of the films were investigated in half-cells in the galvanostatic mode. It is shown that processing films with a columnar structure leads to an increase in their specific capacity and stability under extreme charge-discharge modes.

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This work was supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation as part of a state task of Yaroslavl State University (topic no. 0856-2020-0006).

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