Evaluation of the Antiradiation Efficiency of Flagellin in Experiments on Mice


In experiments on SPF mice, the authors evaluated the radio-protective effectiveness of the recombinant Flagellin, developed at the Institute of High-Purity Preparations (St. Petersburg), administered at a wide range of doses of 0.004–2 mg/kg for 30 min prior to X-ray irradiation in the dose range of 7–10 Gy. The effectiveness of Flagellin was evaluated in terms of 30-day survival rates of the mice, the average life expectancy, and according to the DMF criterion for bone marrow death. The DMF values were 1.24–1.23–1.22 at the level of LD16, LD50, and LD84. ED50 approximately equals 25 μg/kg. The dose-response effect of Flagellin was evaluated to reach a plateau at a dose of 0.2 mg/kg.

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