The Nitric Oxide Metabolite Level and NOS2 and NOS3 Gene Transcripts in Patients with Essential Arterial Hypertension


It was shown that the level of nitric oxide metabolites in the blood plasma of people with essential arterial hypertension (EAH) is significantly higher than that of healthy donors. This pattern did not depend on the stage of the disease, but on the age of the subjects, as well as on whether patients with cardio-selective β-adrenoreceptor blockers take them or not. It was established that an increase in the level of nitrites and nitrates in the blood of patients with EAH was accompanied by an increase in the level of transcripts of the NOS2 gene in the peripheral blood leukocytes (PBL), while the mRNA content of the NOS3 gene in the PBL patients was slightly lower than that of healthy donors.

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Fig. 1.


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This study was supported by the federal budget for performance of a state assignment of the Federal Research Center, Karelian Research Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, project no. 0221-2017-0049.

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