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Classification of Springs in the Lake Baikal Region by Macroinvertebrate Communities

  • V. V. Takhteev


The macrozoobenthos communities in 15 cold fresh, 12 mineral (sodium chloride), and 19 thermal springs of the Baikal Rift Zone and adjacent areas have been investigated. The classification of springs on the basis of quantitative indicators of abundance was proposed. According to the dominant group of fauna, three types of communities were identified for the cold springs; six types, for mineral springs; and four types, for thermal springs. It was established that communities with the dominance of Chironomidae, Turbellaria, and Oligochaeta are formed in cold springs and communities with the predominance of Gastropoda (one or two species) prevail in thermal springs. It was noted that mineral springs of medium mineralization are characterized by communities with a prevalence of Amphipoda (Gammarus lacustris); those with high salinity are dominated by Brachyceran flies (Diptera, Brachycera).


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