Error Measurement of LCC Resonant Converter for X-Ray


X-rays are devices immensely used for diagnosis and treatment in medicinal field. X-rays are very popular as they are used in non-destructive testing. An X-ray device uses a high voltage power supply which can be produced by DC-DC converters. Resonant converters are prominent among the dc-dc converters for X-ray application as the switching is done at zero current and zero voltage. This paper presents a LCC resonant converter based PID controller tuned with optimization algorithms for non-linear system. Differential evolution optimization (DEO), grey wolf optimization (GWO) and grasshopper optimization algorithms (GOA) are used to identify the local minima in time domain system. The objective functions considered are minimization of integral absolute error (IAE), integral square error (ISE) and integral time absolute error (ITAE). The convergence curve is also plotted for the different optimization algorithms using MATLAB Simulink to study the convergence time.

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  • optimization
  • differential evolution algorithm
  • grey wolf algorithm
  • grasshopper algorithm
  • PID controller
  • integral absolute error
  • integral square error
  • integral time absolute error