Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing

, Volume 53, Issue 4, pp 243–259 | Cite as

Theoretical Aspects of Applying Lamb Waves in Nondestructive Testing of Anisotropic Media

  • A. V. Ilyashenko
  • S. V. Kuznetsov
Acoustic Methods


Theoretical aspects of applying Lamb waves to nondestructive testing of layered anisotropic media are considered. Propagation of Lamb waves is analyzed using a six-dimensional complex Cauchy formalism that allows one to obtain a closed-form equation for determining the dispersion of Lamb waves in media with arbitrary elastic anisotropy. The possibility for applying the higher modes of Lamb waves to nondestructive testing is noted.


nondestructive testing Lamb wave anisotropy dispersion limit velocity 


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  2. 2.Institute for Problems in MechanicsMoscowRussia

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