An Abnormal Isotopic Composition of Oxygen in Zircon from Corundum-Bearing Metasomatites of the Dyadina Gora Ore Occurrence, Belomorian Mobile Belt


For the first time, the isotopic composition of oxygen, the content of trace elements, and the U–Pb zircon age were determined for kyanite–gedrite metasomatites from the Dyadina Gora ore occurrence, Belomorian Mobile Belt, Fennoscandian Shield. The zircon cores preserved from the protolith are characterized by a magmatic REE distribution and an average value of δ18O of about 3.0‰, and their age is close to 2400 Ma. The inner zones around the cores and rims of zircon were formed during metasomatic processes at the time of the Svecofennian metamorphism about 1870–1880 Ma ago, experienced strong fluid reworking, and are characterized by a decreased δ18O value to –0.9‰.

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The authors thank O.L. Galankina (St. Petersburg) and S.G. Simakin and E.V. Potapov (Yaroslavl Branch of the Institute of Physics and Technology, Yaroslavl) for their help in the zircon study.


This study was conducted within the framework of the National Key Research and Development Program of China (2016YFE0203000) and research themes of the Institute of Precambrian Geology and Geochronology, Russian Academy of Sciences (project no. 0153–2019–0002 and the fluid process laboratory research topic) and supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project no. 18-55-53022) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (grant no. 41673018).

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  • zircon
  • oxygen isotope composition
  • Dyadina Gora ore occurrence
  • Belomorian Mobile Belt