Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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Genetic resources of plants, animals, and microorganisms as the basis for basic agricultural research

  • G. A. Romanenko
Scientific Session of the RAS General Meeting


The significance of the genetic resources of plants, animals, poultry, and useful and harmful microorganisms can hardly be overestimated. Living organisms, carrying a specific set of genes of their own, guarantee life on the Earth. In Russia, the genetic resources of grains, fodder, fruit, and vegetable crops; cattle; sheep; horses; and poultry have been collected for many hundred years due to monastery lands, estates of progressive landowners, exchange of animals between governorates, and imports of cattle and horses. Gradually, the best samples were concentrated in scientific organizations and experimental enterprises and were used to obtain high indicators of productivity.


genetic resources agriculture selection genetic banks stability RT-PCR method 


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