Petroleum Chemistry

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Hydrogenation of Nitro and Unsaturated Organic Compounds over Catalysts Containing Nanosized Palladium Particles



The activity of palladium catalysts prepared on the basis of ZnO modified with polyethylene glycol (1 wt % Pd–PEG/ZnO) with molecular weights of 4000 and 6000 in the hydrogenation reaction of a series of nitro and unsaturated organic compounds has been studied. The catalysts are characterized by the formation of small metal particles with a size from 3 to 8 nm which uniformly coat the support surface. The results obtained have been compared to the catalytic properties of palladium-containing nanodiamonds and activated carbon under similar conditions.


palladium catalysts polyethylene glycol hydrogenation nitro compounds nanodiamonds activated carbon 


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