Technology and Methods for Deferred Synthesis of 4K Stereo Clips for Complex Dynamic Virtual Scenes


We consider the task of capturing the result of a researcher-driven stereo visualization of a complex dynamic virtual scene into a video sequence of stereo pairs (stereo clip) of ultrahigh resolution. An efficient technology of deferred synthesis of stereo clips is proposed. It allows one to create stereo clips without interfering with real-time visualization. The technology includes real-time construction of visualization scenario and offline transformation of the scenario into a stereo clip. Methods for implementing these stages for the task of stereo visualization of the saturation isosurface of displacing fluid are considered. For this purpose, a special file format «scr» for the visualization scenario is developed on the basis of chunk data structures. This format provides a compact representation of neighboring repeated frames. The scenario file is transformed into a sequence of 4K stereo pairs by means of the offscreen rendering technology of the virtual scene, and stereo pairs are added to the stereo clip using a number of open-source FFmpeg libraries designed for processing digital video content. The generated stereo clip is placed within an MP4 container, and the video compressing standard H.264 is used. The proposed technologies and methods of 4K stereo clip deferred synthesis are implemented in a software designed for visualizing simulation results of the unstable displacement of oil from porous media. Using this software, a 4K stereo clip is created, which illustrates the evolution of the saturation isosurface during the process of unstable oil displacement. Testing confirmed the validity of the solution. The software can be used in virtual laboratories, for designing virtual environment systems and scientific visualization systems, in educational applications etc.

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The publication is made within the state task on carrying out basic scientific researches (GP 14) on topic (project) “34.9. Virtual environment systems: technologies, methods and algorithms of mathematical modeling and visualization” (0580-2021-0012).

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