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Graphical Toolkit for Easy and Rapid Evaluation of the Residual Heat Generation at Cyclic Operation of a Pool Type Research Reactor

  • S. H. Kadalev
Nuclear Power Plants


The present paper considers the approach to easy and rapid evaluation of the residual heat generation in the reactor core of a pool type research reactor after shutdown taking into account the previous operation cycles at constant operating cycle parameters. The selected mathematical model of the process is well-founded. The frames of the operational parameters and assumptions of the study are defined. The operating power level of 2000 kW and operation/shutdown schedules of 4/20, 6/18, 8/16, 10/14 and 12/12 hours per day during the five working days of the week and shutdown for the weekend are considered. The calculations are prepared for the first 180 seconds and the first 120 minutes after the fission reaction is stopped by the reactor scram system. The calculation results for the power of the residual heat generation in the reactor core at different work schedule are presented graphically as a percentage of the nominal power. For each particular work schedule the number of previous working weeks taken into account, the value of the correction coefficient and the share of the previous operating cycles in the residual heat generation power are presented in tables. The calculation results are discussed from the point of view of the safety analyses assessment and the nuclear fuel cycle management. Some possible directions for further research works are outlined and defined as particular tasks.


residual heat generation cyclic operational mode safety analyses and assessments 


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  1. 1.Nuclear Scientific Experimental and Educational Centre, Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear EnergyBulgarian Academy of Science, BulgariaSofiaBulgaria

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