On Characterization of Simple Orthogonal Groups of Odd Dimension in the Class of Periodic Groups


Suppose that \( n \) is an integer, \( n\geq 3 \). We prove that a periodic group saturated with a set of the finite simple groups \( O_{2n+1}(q) \), where \( q \) is congruent to \( \pm 3 \) modulo 8, is isomorphic to \( O_{2n+1}(F) \) for some locally finite field \( F \).

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The work of D. V. Lytkina was supported by the Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok under Agreement No. 075–15–2019–1613 with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation; the work of V. D. Mazurov was supported by the Russian Science Foundation (Project 19–11–00039).

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  • periodic group
  • group saturated with a set of groups
  • locally finite group


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