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, Volume 58, Issue 3, pp 476–492 | Cite as

C-distribution semigroups and C-ultradistribution semigroups in locally convex spaces

  • M. KostićEmail author
  • S. Pilipović
  • D. Velinov


The main purpose of this paper is to study C-distribution semigroups and C-ultradistribution semigroups in the setting of sequentially complete locally convex spaces. We provide a few important theoretical novelties in this field and some interesting examples. Under consideration are stationary dense operators in a sequentially complete locally convex space.


C-distribution semigroup C-ultradistribution semigroup integrated C-semigroup convoluted C-semigroups well-posedness locally convex space 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Faculty of Technical SciencesUniversity of Novi SadNovi SadSerbia
  2. 2.Department for Mathematics and InformaticsUniversity of Novi SadNovi SadSerbia
  3. 3.Department for Mathematics, Faculty of Civil EngineeringSs. Cyril and Methodius UniversitySkopjeMacedonia

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