Physicochemical Properties and Morphological Features of Modified Chitosan/Polyaniline Composite Films


The method to modify chitosan films with an electroconductive polymer (polyaniline) based on in situ polymerization are developed. Composite systems with different morphology of the conducting polymer phase in the chitosan matrix and its quantitative content in the composite are produced. The structure and morphological features of the composites are studied via scanning electron microscopy. The swelling of samples in media with different acidity are analyzed. The effect of modifying on the structure and physicochemical properties of the final composite systems is investigated. It is shown that the electroconductivity, mechanical, and sorption properties of the composites depend on both the amount and distribution of the conducting polymer phase in the chitosan matrix, while the value of the electromechanical response is determined by the content of polyaniline in the system.

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  • polyaniline
  • chitosan
  • composites
  • electroconductivity
  • strength
  • swelling