Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation of Furfural over CuNi@C Catalyst Prepared from Cu–Ni Metal-Organic Frameworks


Cu/Ni-based metal-organic frameworks (CuNi@BTC) were prepared with benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxylate (H3BTC) as the organic ligand via the solvothermal method, and were then calcinated under N2 atmosphere to form C-coated CuNi catalysts (CuNi@C). TEM showed that carbon material on the surface of CuNi@C was a graphene-like structure. Then transfer hydrogenation of furfural catalyzed by CuNi@C was tested with alcohols as the hydrogen donor to optimize the Cu : Ni ratio, metal : organic ligand ratio, solvothermal synthesis, and calcination conditions. It was found that strong synergistic effect between Cu and Ni in the CuNi@C significantly enhanced the furfural transfer hydrogenation activity and raised the furfural selectivity. The reaction conditions of furfural transfer hydrogenation such as catalyst dosage, hydrogen donor, reaction temperature, and reaction time were studied. The catalytic mechanism for CTH of FF over CuNi@C catalyst was discussed.

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We gratefully acknowledge the financial supports from Heilongjiang Natural Science Foundation of China (E2018012) and Northeast Petroleum University (ts26180228).

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  • metal-organic frameworks
  • catalytic transfer hydrogenation
  • furfural
  • CuNi@C